Rotary Quick Impacts Info & Sign-Up


Quick Impacts (QI), originating in the Breakfast Group early in COVID, is now a club-wide initiative identifying and linking members to existing community service opportunities that:

  • Can be completed in a day or less (Quick) and make a positive difference in our community and our members’ fellowship (Impact)
  • Align with our Rotary missions
  • Could benefit from a small group (4-6) Rotarians helping out as a group and ideally in Rotary regalia such as Rotary hat, face mask, and/or shirt.

These will be listed in 2 places consistently (Crablines & our website) with the date, event name, and a safe, Rotary-created link to more details and sign-up.

Are you affiliated with a local community organization?

Let us know and we’d love to touch base with you about how Quick Impacts could align with some of their volunteer needs. 

Contact Carol at:  cgausz@blueheronassociates.com or 302-388-5301.


If you already know of a community need for which you’d like a small group of fellow Rotarians to help,

      Contact us at:  RCAQuickImpacts@gmail.com

             ... and we will help recruit a small group of other Rotarians to work with you. We will help create the sign-up link and connect it to Crablines and our Rotary Club website.  



Opportunities for Service and Fellowship (masked & physically distanced)

  1.  Tuesday 12 January 2021, 9AM-Noon: CANCELLED - volunteers not able to access the Food Bank to work based on COVID restrictions.  Help sort and pack food for distribution at AACo Food Bank warehouse., Crownsville. 

Jen Denney has secured a slot on the first Tuesday of each month for the next several months so you can sign up for future dates by clicking on the link as well. Questions, please reach out to Jen Denney (jendenney@gmail.com) and 410-271-5346. Thank you!

The AACFB is asking for healthy volunteers to sort and pack produce and non-perishable food items at their facility in Crownsville.   Following all COVID-19 Protocols, volunteers must wear masks, long-sleeve shirts and pants, and close-toed shoes.   Temperatures will be taken upon arrival, and this opportunity will likely be inside their warehouse, but social distancing of more than 6-feet will be observed.

Background on this initiative:

  • Anne Arundel County Food Bank (AAFCO): In 2020 alone, AACFO has helped 221,000 community members. As the winter sets in, the need increases.
  • A special donation link has been created for our Club members to donate: Text “AACFB14" to 71777 from mobile phone, for link to donate $

‚ÄčThanks to Mary Felter, Lisa Ausherman, President Frank Andracchi, Carol Gausz, Barb Eilertsen and her friend Siera, and Anne Wolfe (not pictured) for helping sort lots (and lots and lots) of sweaters for JustOneSweater.