Rotary Quick Impacts Info & Sign-Up

AA County Food Bank

Tuesday, June 14: 9-Noon.  AA County Food Bank.

Sort and pack produce and non-perishable food items at their facility in Crownsville.  No skills needed, just have a heart to serve others, an ability to follow directions, and lift a box of approximately 20 pounds.   Following all COVID-19 Protocols.

Sign up and more info:   Click here

ANY QUESTIONS CONTACT JEN DENNEY:  jendenney@gmail.com and 410-271-5346

Marshall Learning Center

Marshall Learning Center – evening &/or Saturday

Please contact Carol Gausz: cgausz@blueheronassociates.com as soon as possible if interested

Marshall Learning Center (part of www.MarshallHope.org missions that also runs the West Annapolis Pop Up pantries) is seeking volunteers to help guide students through learning centers to support their education and development. We could do this as a group and/or people can volunteer on their own. Times needed right now: Evening/weekend (M 7-9PM; F 4:30-6:30PM; Sat 1:30-5). Volunteers must submit a fingerprint card ($33) to assure a safe environment for the children. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested by 4/25.

QI in Action - STEM (May 14, 2022)

THANK YOU to our Fellow Rotarians who helped with the Let’s Go Boys and Girls STEM Fair in the Robinwood community on Saturday. May 14, 2022: Luisa Gil, Helene Raven, Kevin Hurley, Lorie Stout, Carol Gausz, Anne Wolfe. We had the pleasure of working with some curious young people as they built a water bottle vacuum, propeller helicopter, magnetic wooden car and learned how to use a model and decision tree to identify different types of turtles and learned how it applied to possible career options in engineering, physics, and marine biology. Thanks also to Lorie Stout for bringing some of the STEM books from the Little Free Library’s ‘stash’ for students to enjoy!

In Person Service Opportunities

Opportunities for Service and Fellowship

Looking for an opportunity to make a positive difference in our community? Sign up for a Rotary ‘Quick Impact’ by yourself and/or with family/friends. These are service projects that are only a few hours in duration with a small group. Keep an eye on our website for regular updates as well.

  • Have a passion for helping youth see a new path forward?
  • Want to help Rotary raise funds?
  • Join fellow Rotarians, family, friends for a Quick Impact service project.
  • Great opportunity for fellowship and to introduce prospective members!
  • Click on links below for more information and to sign-up.

Questions? Contact RCAQuickImpacts@gmail.com

QI - Food Pantry on January 27, 2022


We estimated that 350 families were served at the Food Pantry, which

was sponsored by the Marshall Hope Corporation.


Thank you to our Rotary QI volunteers President Carolyn Richards,

Barbara Isaacs, Jen Denny and Chris Kyser (taking the pic)!   


Are you affiliated with a local community organization?

Let us know and we’d love to touch base with you about how Quick Impacts could align with some of their volunteer needs. 

Contact Carol at:  cgausz@blueheronassociates.com or 302-388-5301.


If you already know of a community need for which you’d like a small group of fellow Rotarians to help,

      Contact us at:  RCAQuickImpacts@gmail.com

             ... and we will help recruit a small group of other Rotarians to work with you. We will help create the sign-up link and connect it to Crablines and our Rotary Club website.  



Quick Impacts (QI), originating in the Breakfast group early in COVID, is now a club-wide initiative identifying and linking members to existing community service opportunities that:

  • Can be completed in a day or less (Quick) and make a positive difference in our community and our members’ fellowship (Impact)
  • Align with our Rotary missions
  • Could benefit from a small group (4-6) Rotarians helping out as a group and ideally in Rotary regalia such as Rotary hat, face mask, and/or shirt.

These will be listed in 2 places consistently (Crablines and website) with the date, the event name, and a safe, Rotary-created link to more details and sign-up.

Thanks to our great QI Committee members:


Lisa Ausherman, Bea Carson, Daryl Cooke, Jenn Denney, Carol Gausz, Becky Hogan, David Lillefloren, Carlyn Lowery, Elaine Shanley, and Lorie Stout.