Crab Feast Grant Application

Crab Feast Grants

a. Grants can be submitted after August 12th, 2019, deadline for grant application is 5pm, November 30th, 2019. Online grant applications are preferred, but we accept mailed applications as well to Rotary Club of Annapolis, Crab Feast Grants Committee, PO Box 3175, Annapolis, MD 21403.
b. Grant requests will be accepted in any amount up to $4000. We ask that you apply for what the actual project cost will be.
c. Rotary Club of Annapolis Crab Feast grants are issued to benefit our local community/population.
d. All fields on grant application must be completed for consideration. Please limit each of your responses to each question to less than 100 words, please do not attach or paste long documents to this form other than your 501 (C) 3 letter of determination.
e. While we appreciate additional information about your organization and the project you wish to fund, decisions on grant awards will be based on the information on our grant application form.

f. Please note that if your organization does not submit a 501 (C) 3 letter of determination the application will not be considered.

Organization Name *
Contact Name *
Contact Title
Street Address*
EIN # *
Specific $ amount requested - Request for grants should not exceed $4000
How will the proceeds be used for - be specific about the project?
Describe and define the group who will benefit from the funds
How will they benefit?
Tell us a little about the history of your group.
Board of directors - does your organization have a board of directors, and if so, list their names
Have you ever received a Crab Feast Grant before? If so what year(s)
Do you have any affiliation with the Annapolis Rotary Club, and if so with whom?
Submit 501 (C) 3 certificate here