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Take a book. Keep a book. Share a book.

Building Community, Sparking Creativity, and Inspiring Readers




• 1 in 10 Annapolitans live in poverty (20% of Annapolis City Proper below poverty line)

• 40% (of the 1 in 10) are under 18 years of age

• 61% of low-income families have no books at all in their home for children

• 20% of kids in lower-income families don’t read books over the summer

• 14% of adults in USA (32 million) can not read

• Book readers have a 20% reduction in risk of mortality

• Adolescent exposure to books is an integral part of social practices that foster long-term cognitive competencies spanning literacy, numeracy and ICT skills


Sustainable Project

• PHASE ONE: City of Annapolis Parks W.E.E. Trail -- 14 LFL installed 2020 (outdoor locations)

• PHASE TWO: City of Annapolis Community Centers-- Goal 10+ LFL (indoor locations)

• PHASE THREE: Expansion into AA County -- and so on...


The Importance of the project (quotes)

“The LFL project will be a gift in many ways to the Annapolis community. It also presents our club with our first sustainable working relationship with the City of Annapolis. What a wonderful partnership is being forged!”

Rotary Club of Annapolis President, Carletta Allen

“Bringing Little Free Libraries to communities in collaboration with Annapolis Rotary and the City's Department of Recreation and Parks is a great way to advance literacy across all wards of the City.”

Mayor Gavin Buckley, City of Annapolis

“The Little Free Libraries (LFL) can bring diverse people together for a common objective of reading — in relation to parks and history — and supports the Mayor’s ONE ANNAPOLIS initiative, connecting communities and geographic areas and people; bringing all Anapolitans into the fold. LFL gives access to disadvantaged youth who otherwise would not have access to books.”

Archie Trader, Director Parks & Recs City of Annapolis


Please donate to support home libraries and the joy of reading and learning. Thank you!

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If donating by check, please bring to a regular Rotary meeting or mail to:  Rotary Club of Annapolis, PO Box 3175, Annapolis, MD 21403-3175

Little Free Library Locations


(** = two boxes - one adult, one child)

  1. Susan Campbell ** (Ward 1)
  2. Robinwood (Ward 6)
  3. Truxton Park by pool ** (Ward 5)
  4. College Creek Park (Ward 2)
  5. Primrose Acres (Ward 5)
  6. Juliana Circle (Ward 4)
  7. Annapolis Walk ** (Ward 4)
  8. 3rd Street & Back Creek (Ward 8)
  9. Allen Apartments (Ward 3)
  10. Poplar Park (Ward 2/3)
  11. Tyler Heights (Ward 7)
  12. Peoples Park ** (County Park)
  13. Bates Legacy Center (Ward 4)
  14. Waterworks

Our sites will be available on the LFL national site soon


Locations on the LFL National interactive site map - Click here to go to the map


Volunteer to be a LFL Librarian !!

If you would like to be an LFL box Librarian or learn more about being a librarian, please fill out the following brief form, and we will be back to you as soon as possible.