Grant Application - Black Tie & Diamonds

The dead line for grant requests for 2021 event has been extended to January 31st 2020


The organization that is selected to partner with the Annapolis Rotary Organization will be required to submit copies of the following: 

  • 501(C)3 letter of determination - this can be uploaded at the end of this form.
  • Board Roster
  • Grant requests are from September 1st to December 31st
  • Note: The deadline for grant requests is December 31st, only grant requests submitted by this date will be accepted.


Note: Please keep the answer to any question to under 100 words. Do not paste or upload any documents other than the 501 (C) 3 Letter of Determination.



Organization Name *
Contact Name *
Contact Title
Street Address*
Amount of target proceeds ($)
How will the proceeds be used for - be specific about the project?
Describe and define the group who will benefit from the funds
How will they benefit?
Tell us a little about the history of your group. When was this Orginization started?
Do you have a gala annually? If yes, when
What other major fund raising events do you hold annually? When/Where are they held
What is your organization's volunteer base? how many would be available for planning? How many would be available the night of the event
Who are your corporate sponsors each year? How many do you feel you could attract to support Black Tie & Diamonds
Who are your major funders each year? How many do you feel would purchase a table for the BT&D event?
How would you plan to sell BT&D event tickets?
How would you plan to sell the BT&D raffle tickets?
How would your board support this event?
How would you recognize the Rotary Club of Annapolis contributions to this project?
How would you work with the BT&D committee to ensure a successful event?
Do you have any affiliation with the Annapolis Rotary Club, and if so with whom?
Have you ever received a Black Tie and Diamonds grant before?
Please Submit 501 (C) 3 certificate - for BT&D here