Crab Feast is "Bay Responsible"

Rotary of Annapolis Crab Feasts Aim for Zero Waste


We strive to be “Bay Responsible” and ask your help in joining with Rotary and Annapolis Green to make all our Crab Feast events Zero-Waste. That means that NOTHING goes to the landfill. EVERYTHING is recycled or composted. In just two months the crab trays, crab shells & all other food waste, all paper products, spoons, knives, and even wooden mallets go in compost. Yes, that includes spoons, knives, and the clear beer cups too. They look like plastic, but are made from plants and therefore, are compostable! All that will turn into beautiful soil enrichment for the garden in just two months! Visit the Annapolis Green table at our Crab Feasts to learn more and order some Crab Feast compost for your garden.

Since 2013, the Rotary Club of Annapolis has been working with the non-profit Annapolis Green to make the Crab Feast a ZERO-Waste event. In recent years, more than 14.5 TONS of waste has been composted, completing the circle of life – from the Bounty of the Bay to local gardens.

As Clawdia the Crab says, “Don’t be shellfish… Recycle and Compost!” Follow the Green REF… make the right call and recycle and compost at all our Crab Feasts!

Also to reduce use of plastics, look for Annapolis Green's NAPTOWN TAP, portable water dispensers where you can fill up your compostable cup with fresh, filtered water! It's part of the non-profit's Refill Revolution to eliminate waste from single-use plastic.