LFL Librarian Responsibilities


THE LFL PROJECT: The Little Free Library (LFL) project is a community partnership between the Rotary Club of Annapolis, Rotary Club of Parole, and the City of Annapolis. Librarian Liaisons will be a team of two people, one of which is to be a Rotarian.


LFL RE-STOCKING: The expectation is that each LFL Librarian Team will take responsibility for their LFL location. Re-stock books as needed based on individual community needs. It is recommended to check every two weeks, as each community will differ on the usage of books taken from each LFL station. Teams will be required to submit the LFL Re-stock Form, accessible below, after each visit. 

Link to Re-Stock Form


Note that there is also a Form to establish initial, total inventory amounts for each genre. The expectation is that each LFL Librarian Team will establish an initial inventory amount for each genre, and based on ongoing demand - or lack thereof - make changes to the total inventory using this form. The amounts on this form should be the TOTAL amount of books by genre - or full stocking level - of the box.

Link to Total Inventory Form

Re-Stocking Procedures

Establishing Total Inventory and Re-Stocking Your LFL Box


  1. Visit LFL location to access which types of books need to be replenished. (get to know what is popular at your LFL site!)
  2. Go to LFL Storage Unit and pick up books.
  3. Fill LFL box.
  4. Complete re-stock form and submit (vitally important for tracking purposes) after each visit. Use note section for comments—report good and bad situations, if necessary, for action.
  5. Check boxes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly as needed.
  6. Take Note: there should be a genre color sticker on the outside bottom spine, and a black/white sticker (noting a gift from RCA and RCP) inside the cover for the new owner to write in their name. If not, please place one inside – extra stickers are inside the storage unit.

On behalf of the Little Free Library committee and the Rotary Club of Annapolis, we thank you for your volunteer service!


Book Storage for Librarian Access


BOOKS STORAGE FOR YOUR ACCESS: The LFL Book storage unit is located at Extra Space Storage on Defense Highway-Unit #1101. Code access is *nnnnnnnn#. Books are organized on shelves by genre for easy access. (bring a box, bag, crate to carry the re-stock books, and feel free to take plenty and store in your vehicle for a few visits to your LFL box)

LFL Storage Location


Rotary Club of Annapolis Little Free Library Project - Storage Unit Access Info

Location: Extra Space Storage, 2005 Trout Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401 - 410.279.6525

  1. Off General's Hwy -> turn right onto Trout Rd
  2. Turn Right in front of Office ->go around the building to the left -> go through the gate (use gate code); first door on the left is the entrance (use the same code to enter the building).
  3. Books Unit: #1152 (located inside the door about 20' on the right side) - access code: *nnnnnnnn# -- lock code: 7620
  4. LFL Box / Posts Unit: #1101 (located inside to the end of the hall, turn left, about 200' straight down at the end of the hall) - access code: *nnnnnnnn# -- lock code: 7620
  5. Issues Accessing:  Call Dona Rudderow Sturn @ 609.432.0402