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In an effort to make full use of Social Media, the Rotary Club of Annapolis is highlighting its international projects online. We hope you will be inspired enough to make a donation to our well researched and sustainable projects. Please note that all of your donations are tax deductible as the Rotary of Annapolis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) registered, non-profit organization.



We are working on a Rotary Foundation Global Grant in Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution in Uganda (see detailed information on main international page). The project consists of training mediators in 20 hot spot districts of Uganda. We hope that with this infusion of training, more and more Ugandans will see the benefits of change through non-violent means. This project also includes the training of high school students in peace mediation and income generating projects. The Rotary Foundation will give us a 50% match for any amount we raise. We plan on engaging local artists and musicians to spread the word about peace through non-violence. Please note that Uganda has a very young population that would welcome this activity. Total project budget is estimated at $100,000.


Reading nooks for classrooms in grades 2-4. This will compliment our Global Grant in Literacy which is currently underway (see detailed information on main international page). The Reading Nooks will consist of a shelf, colourful chairs, a table and children's books. We feel it's important to supply each participating school in this project with a special children's library, hence, reading nook. Children need a safe haven where they can go and read. Unfortunately, most marginalized schools do not have the resources for a separate library or even for additional children's books. We hope to make a huge impact and supplement this project with creatively designed Reading Nooks. We estimate that each nook will cost about $750 (chairs, table, shelf and books).


In what has proven to be one of the most drought stricken areas of the world, we are helping one of our local Rotary Clubs implement a water and sanitation project in Gondar, Ethiopia. The project will contract one Ethiopian drilling company to drill 3 shallow water wells (40 to 60 meters). Gondar City Administration has already identified the villages where water wells are needed. Each village already has a 12 person Community Water Board and they will work with the City, the Driller, and an Engineer Without Borders consultant in choosing the actual location sites. The Host Rotary Club, Finot of Addis Ababa, and the Gondar City Administration will supervise training for the villagers in basic hygiene practices. They will also assist in designing and establishing the procedures which the Community Water Boards will use in administering the completed wells for fees and maintenance. Annapolis Rotary Club has pledged $1,000 towards this effort of over $60,000.