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Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) Awards - named for the founder of RI - are presented periodically to members and non-members of our club. There two kinds of awards:

Honorary Paul Harris Fellow Awards
These awards are granted by the Rotary Club of Annapolis to recognize outstanding service to the Club and/or community. The Club pays the $1,000 fee and the honorees are selected by the Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Committee and the club Board of Directors.

Paul Harris Fellow Awards
The Rotary International Foundation gives these awards to individuals selected by Rotarians who donate $1,000 to the RI Foundation. Our Club matches, dollar for dollar, the first $500 a member contributes to the RI Foundation. Thus, a $500 contribution to the RI Foundation qualifies a member to designate a PHF.

RI Foundation Sustaining Members
A significant number of Annapolis Rotarians have pledged at least $100 a year to support the humanitarian works of Rotary International through the RI Foundation Sustaining Member program. The Directors of the Rotary International Foundation ask each Rotarian to contribute at least $100 a year to the RI Foundation, with $200 being the suggested amount.

EVERY ROTARIAN, EVERY YEAR (EREY) - $25 qualifies for the EREY contribution from a Club member.  A Sustaining or Paul Harris contribution also satisfies the EREY contribution.  To make your contribution now, CLICK HERE.