LFL - Librarian Re-Stock Form

LFL Box Update - Re-Stock Form



Use this form to update TODAYS RE-STOCK OF NEW BOOKS THAT YOU ARE PUTTING INTO YOUR LFL BOX (do not include/count books in box BEFORE restock) — Add books count information into the form (the number of books in each genre). Do not leave a genre blank, add in a zero if you do not add in that genre of books.   

IF there are any  NEW BOOKS DONATED BY COMMUNITY that do NOT have a black/white Rotary (This book belongs to:) label inside the front cover, add the label, and count the book count into “Miscellaneous Books” section.

You MUST hit SUBMIT for the form data to be recorded.

Steps 1 and 2

Steps 3 & 4

Miscellaneous:  Just enter a number - not the genre. These would be books without color spine genre stickers or without a RCA /RCP sticker inside front cover.