Rotary Club of Annapolis Recognizes World Book Day

Rotary Club of Annapolis Recognizes World Book Day

Annapolis, MD (April 13, 2021) The Little Free Library (LFL) Committee of the Rotary Club of Annapolis is
honoring World Book Day, Friday, April 23, 2021.

World Book Day was established by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
(UNESCO) in 1995 to promote the enjoyment and power of reading. UNESCO decided to celebrate World
Book Day on April 23 as it is the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death in 1616. Coincidentally, April
23 marks the birth or death of numerous famous writers, including Miguel de Cervantes and Inca
Garcilasco de la Vega. Since 1995 over a hundred countries around the world honor World Book Day.
Here in Annapolis, the Little Free Library Committee (LFL) honors World Book Day - and with the
enthusiastic support of the City of Annapolis - maintains over a dozen Little Free Library boxes throughout
the community. The goal of the LFL project is to provide free books in convenient locations at self-
contained book-sharing kiosks so residents can enjoy reading and obtain books for their own homes.

World Book Day is a perfect day for residents to visit the LFLs in Robinwood, Annapolis Walks, Truxtun
Park, Poplar Park, Eastport, Fleet Street, and other areas. The specific sites for all LFL boxes can be found
on the Annapolis Rotary’s website at www.annapolisrotary.org/little-free-library. Each LFL is stocked with
a variety of books covering children, young readers, languages, fiction, non-fiction, domestic, sports,
world travel, and more. Readers of every age are encouraged to “Take a Book, Keep a Book, Share a

We invite you to learn more about Rotary and our programs supporting the community. Rotary Club of
Annapolis is made up of 140 welcoming and diverse individuals. Meetings are held monthly or weekly at
three times and locations to make attendance convenient for members. Please contact Liesel Schopler
202-489-3879 or lieseldanjczek@hotmail.com and see www.annapolisrotary.org to learn more.

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