Rotary Club of Annapolis Supports Anne Arundel County Food Bank

Annapolis, MD (April 28, 2020) – The Rotary Club of Annapolis has donated $9,500 to help the Anne Arundel County Food Bank address food insecurity in the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. The goal is to assist vulnerable populations by providing nutrition, reducing hunger, and assisting with critical expenses. The funds will enable the food bank to purchase food from distributors at favorable prices to offset its reduced supplies.

Approximately 9,000 individuals in the county have filed for unemployment benefits recently, with the number expected to rise further in the coming weeks. Simultaneously, approximately 30,000 children in the county, who ordinarily depend on the Free and Reduced Meal (FARM) program, are home from school with limited access to the breakfast and lunch provided by FARM. As a result, local food pantries have reported a 220% increase in the number of people seeking assistance for their families.

The County Food Bank, which supplies local food pantries, relies largely on donations from grocery stores, which ordinarily share unsold inventory before its best-by-date. However, as Americans stockpile food, supermarkets no longer have excess to donate. In addition, many food drives, which normally help supply the food bank, have been cancelled due to social distancing measures, making it harder for the food bank to cope with the increased demand.

In recognition of these challenges, Rotary Club of Annapolis raised $7,000 and received $2,500 from Rotary District 7620 to make the $9,500 grant to the County Food Bank. The grant went into effect April 15.
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