Rotary’s Unique Non-Partisan Workday for Langton Green Community Farm

Donald Roland

Annapolis, MD (May 7, 2022) The Rotary Club of Annapolis held its annual Helping Hands Workday on April 23.
Sue Weber led the project to fund and build an outdoor stage at Langton Green Community Farm in Millersville.

Langton Green, founded by families in Annapolis in 1984, is a 501(c)3 community nonprofit guiding adults with
intellectual and developmental disabilities to live the lives they choose with the highest degree of independence
- providing homes, support services, and vocational training. In 2014, the organization established a farm to
provide a wholesome environment for education and recreation; meaningful employment opportunities;
sustainably grown produce for its homes and residents; and an inclusive setting for abled and disabled people to
work together.

Nearly 30 Rotarians and their families and friends, along with students from Rockbridge Academy, worked to
build the outdoor stage. The facility will be a focal point for arts activities, live music and theater, and
educational and vocational programming for the county school system. Fun and therapeutic activities offered at
the farm include Touchstones Discussion programs; arts & crafts workshops; animal therapy; goat yoga; and
raised garden allotments available as a resource to area residents and groups. After completing the stage,
volunteers prepared a pathway and planted flowers, shrubs, and 600 strawberry seedings for the season.

In a unique twist highlighting Rotary’s interests in peace and conflict-resolution, Rotarian Phil Reynolds, retired
U.N. aid administrator, suggested inviting local politicians in-office and seeking-office to join the workday for the
benefit of the community. Reynolds applauded legislators’ commitment to be exposed to public opinion and to
serve long hours for their communities as service-above-self, noting it is what makes our government function
in response to the will of citizens. Six individuals accepted the invitation and worked side-by-side contributing
non-partisan sweat equity toward the project. Hopefully as elections draw near, this example will motivate and
moderate both politicians and voters to focus on what brings us together rather than what tears us apart.

Langton Green’s Director of Operations John Iaquinta said, “The farm has benefited from the generosity of a wide
range of donors and organizations throughout the pandemic, and while it has been a difficult time for our program,
we have taken advantage of that time to complete improvements and look forward to being able to welcome the
community back for a great season.”

The Rotary Club of Annapolis is made up of of 145 welcoming and diverse individuals working to benefit people
locally and around the world. The club has three groups that meet at different times for the convenience of
members. The Lunch Group meets Thursdays at 12 noon at Annapolis Yacht Club. The Breakfast Group meets on the
fourth Tuesday of each month at Eggcellence on Housley Road, and the Happy Hour Group meets on the third
Tuesday of each month at West End Grill in Parole. To learn more contact Paul Skrickus, paskrickus@gmail.com or

Photos: Please create photographer Donald Roland.
• Rotarians, families, friends, politicians, and Rockbridge Academy students on Helping Hands Day.
• Politicians: Delegate Mark Chang-D; Candidate Pete Smith-D; Candidate Chris Jahn-R; Candidate Noel
Smith-R; Candidate Mike Pantelides-R; Councilwoman Lisa Rodvien-D join in the workday.

- Rotary’s Motto is ”Service Above Self” -