Good Stories Coming Out of our Little Free Libraries


If you have a story to share, please send us (Rotary of Annapolis LFL) a message and help

us spread the positive effects of our efforts to our Community. Thank you.

Dear Annapolis Rotary members,

My son is a Johnnie and in December I drove from Chicago to Annapolis to pick him up. While there, I came across a delightfully packed Little Free Library and took home two books. When I brought him back to campus in January, I returned the two books, left one of my own, and took two more. Chicago has Little Free Libraries, but they are so picked over at the moment that I had to send my thanks to you for stocking yours so well. I really appreciate it! In fact, it has been inspirational: I recently went through my books, selected a few, and donated them to my local LFL. This is no way matches what you all do, but I wanted to let you know you are making an impact even beyond Annapolis. (1/24/2021)

Warm wishes,

Sara Bigger

Chicago, IL